Scientology ‘Cult of Confusion’ begins filming tomorrow


A dedicated crew is working around the clock to make ready for an “adventure of a lifetime journey”, said one commenter on Facebook today. The “Cult of Confusion” documentary will begin filming tomorrow, August 5, 2013, in Oklahoma, then up to New York and back down to Texas.

Members of Scientology call L. Ron Hubbard’s doctrines a religion, but many ex-members and critics declare Scientology a dangerous and abusive cult of confusion.

Perhaps Hubbard was speaking of himself when he said, “A confused person is in a trance of their own making – and therefore goes readily into that trance without resistance. Confusion might be created by ambiguous words, complex or endless sentences, pattern interruption or a myriad other techniques to incite trans-derivational searches.”

Texan, Bert Leahy, the videographer who was hired by Scientology as a Squirrel Buster to harass former Scientology executive, Marty Rathbun, said a few minutes ago, “see you soon my friend this is going to be quite an adventure.” Examiner writer, David Edgar Love, will be joining Leahy on this ambitious filming tour, and will be publishing events as they unfold.

Colin Henderson, the trusted logistics man on the crew, is now putting final touches on the vehicle graphics and programming the GPS to help keep the tour on target and time.

A moment ago on the new website created for the tour, Henderson posted: “The Suppressa Palooza Tour is set to begin in less than 24 hours. We can’t wait to get this party started. We know we are going to hear some amazing and heartbreaking stories as we track along our 3,800 mile journey.  We can’t wait to hear your story. All of the support we have received has been truly amazing. We can’t thank everyone enough.”

Many view L. Ron Hubbard as a drug addicted sociopath, using his brainpower to deceive others rather than empower them — a man who feigned love or compassion in order to get what he wanted. Hubbard thought of himself as a master wordsmiths, able to deliver a running “stream of consciousness” monologue that was both intriguing and hypnotic.

Hubbard once said he had “high hopes of smashing my name into history so violently that it will take a legendary form even if all books are destroyed.”

Indeed, the founder of Scientology was a man of galactic extravagance in his thoughts and books. Perhaps his letter to his wife in 1967 explains the reason for his own confused mind: “I’m drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys.”

Hubbard’s claim that Xenu was the ruler of a Galactic Confederacy 75 million years ago, gathered billions of his galactic citizens, delivered them to earth and unloaded around the bases of volcanoes, is one of his craziest narratives.

Hydrogen bombs were then lowered into the volcanoes and killed all but a few aliens.

The now-disembodied victims’ souls, which Hubbard called thetans, became what are known as body thetans, which are said to be still clinging to and adversely affecting everyone except Scientologists who have performed the expensive steps to remove them with auditing sessions.

Scientology is one of the most criticized, mysterious, and confusing religions or cults in modern history. Bert Leahy’s documentary, “Cult of Confusion” hopes to demystify the policies, and doctrines in Scientology that have harmed and abused not only church members, but also their disconnection and other aggressive practices that traumatize family members and loved ones.

David Edgar Love


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